Alca Mendoza: A skater with no shoes

Alca is an irreverent, street souled and dreamer rapper, skater and surfer.

Full of good vibes, Alca rolled from here to there driven only with his arms,
because he does not need any shoes to destroy with the skateboard sandpaper.
He was born in Caracas with a congenital problem in his lower body that steeled his legs from the hip,
but since he was a kid, he used to be very curious and his grandma was there to explain a legged and complicated world to Alca.
Despite the fact that she is no longer with him, she stills alive in Alca’s shoulder.
He was six when he saw many skateboarders rolling down through Caracas
when he decided to do the same for the rest of his life, and so he is working on it.



The spot of Mérida was usually is his home. Now he’s living in Ecuador.